Subway tiles Dubai

Subway tiles were originally designed for subways in New York city back in 19 century.For over a hundred years Subway tiles are the most trendy choice for kitchens and Bathrooms around the world.

The most traditional type of subway tiles are the classic brick layout.These subway tiles are easy to install.You can even fix it by yourself.Using subway tiles are a great choice for kitchen back splash or bathroom wall.Subway tiles are timeless classics.

These small tiles and backsplah tiles are coming in a variety sizes and finishes.The most common colors are simple white and Black.These brick size tiles are available plain or beveled edges.

In Dubai most of the tile shops are selling subway tiles or backsplash tiles in many different colours.

Most common sizes of subway tiles are 10×15 cm, 10×20 cm,10×30 cm.

To buy subway tiles or more info:- Call/Whatsapp – 0503310489

Tiles-Porcelain or Ceramic is better for UAE weather conditions.

Its a common question in every homemakers mind,when they need to choose a flooring. Especially when you build a new home.Despite the fact Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are similar,There is a lot of differences between the two.

First this you will notice is Porcelain tiles are more stronger than Ceramic tiles.Whereas Ceramic tiles are easily breakable.Porcelain tiles are harder and less porous than Ceramic tiles.More than that,You can use Porcelain tiles for indoor and outdoor flooring without any issues. Commonly Ceramic tiles are used for indoor use.Especially for bathroom walls and Kitchen walls.

Porcelain tiles are highly water resistant and Scratch proof. Due to this advantages,Porcelain tiles are commonly used in High traffic areas and Outdoors.Extra thick Porcelain tiles are used for Pathways and Landscaping recently.These type of Porcelain tiles are available in Bigger sizes and 20 mm Thickness.

Ceramic tiles are highly recommended for bathroom and Kitchen walls.They are easy to cut and install.Ceramic tiles have more design options available in the market.

So the selection of the Tile material should be on usage.For less traffic areas,You can use ceramic tiles without any problems.Comparing to the price difference with the price of Porcelain tiles,you can save money also.