Is Porcelain Parquet tile flooring is a better option in UAE

Parquet tile flooring is making a comeback in recent times among home owners.There are many options available in parquet flooring.Mainly Hard wood Parquet,Semi solid parquet,Engineered Parquets made of plywood or MDF.

Porcelain Parquet flooring

Recently the Porcelain parquet tile flooring is becoming more popular all over the world.Thanks to the technology advancement in Porcelain tile manufacturing,now you can get porcelain tiles like real hard wood finish.These tiles are available in hard wood plank sizes.Common sizes available is 20*120 cm,20*100 cm,15*100 cm and 15×90 cm.

Advantages of Porcelain Parquet flooring

Unlike real wood parquet flooring,Porcelain parquet floor tiles are durable material.Since it water proof(water absorption less than 5%),its easy to maintain and cleaning.Ceramic parquet can be used in any rooms with water usage like kitchen and bathrooms or Showers.

Scratch proof

Porcelain parquet tiles are highly ware resistance and scratch resistant.This makes ceramic parquet flooring is highly suitable for high traffic areas like public places and commercial places.

Stain resistant

Porcelain material is highly resistant to staining.Since its a vitrified material,porcelain is resistant to chemical agents.It is an ideal flooring of chemical laboratories and commercial places where chemical agents are used.

Resistant to bad weather

Porcelain parquets are suitable for places with bad weather conditions.It can be used for outdoor flooring also,since it is resistant to heat and UV rays.Porcelain parquets can withstand moisture and water leaks makes it ideal flooring for places like UAE .

Long lasting

Porcelain parquet flooring is durable,since it is made of vitrified material.The process of ware will be extremely slow.Dose not require any maintenance or restoration.

Abundance of choice

Porcelain wood looking tiles are available in all type of hardwood finishes you can imagine.These wood effect ceramic tiles can mimic the minute details in finishes as like in original hardwood.

Environment friendly

By using porcelain wood looking tiles,one is contributing for environmental protection and preserving trees.No trees have been cut to manufacture porcelain parquet flooring.

Where to buy in Dubai

There are a number of suppliers selling Porcelain parquet tile in Dubai and Sharjah emirates. Homebuild store in one of the leading wholesale suppliers of Porcelain parquet tiles imported from Spain,Italy,Turkey,India and China.With wide range of collection and best prices,Homebuild store is the No.1 choice for porcelain flooring materials.

Shop porcelain wood effect tiles in Dubai

Wood looking Porcelain tiles/Where to buy in UAE

Best places to buy wood looking porcelain tiles

Wood looking tiles are a trending flooring option in recent years.The main attractive feature of these tiles are the effect.They mimics the look of the real hardwood planks.These wood looking tiles are coming in plank sizes.All the hardwood colours and finishes are available.

Wood looking porcelain tiles gives the effect of wood flooring,with out the drawbacks of real wood flooring.They are water resistant, Scratch proof and easy ti clean.

In UAE you can buy Italian or Spanish made porcelain parquet tiles.Also you can get the same quality and styles from Chinese and Indian manufacturers as well.There are plenty of options in,styles and country of origin.

Spanish tiles are available in the Sharjah tiles market,from a starting range of Dhs.85.00 to Dhs.130.00.At the same time,you can get good quality Chinese porcelain parquet tiles at the range of Dhs.45.00 to Dhs.70.00.

Common Standard size of Wood look porcelain tiles are 20×120 cm, 20×100 cm, 15×100 cm,15×90 cm, 15×80 cm

Homebuild store is one of the leading supplier of wood effect porcelain tiles in UAE at wholesale prices.