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KERABOND-Best quality tile adhesive from MEPAI

KERABOND ia a cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip for ceramic tiles.Suitable for fixing Ceramic,Porcelain or Mosaic tiles on Horizontal or Vertical surfaces.
  • Packaging - 25 Kg
  • Available colours - GRAY and WHITE
  • Internal and External applications
  • Perfect adhesion to all materials normally used in construction
  • Easily workable and Highly thixotropic
  • Hardens without  appreciable shrinkage
  • Over 8 hrs of pot life
  • Product ID-3028
To buy / Inquiry Call / Whatsapp - 0503310489 MAPEI Mapset tile Glue wholesale supplier  

Tile Adhesives stockists and wholesales in Dubai UAE

Tile Adhesives wholesale dealers and suppliers in UAE Available brands MAPEI LATICRETE ULTRABOND RAK TILE FIX CONMIX WEBER COLFIX TACMIX BUSTAN TILE GLUE Inquiry - Call/Whatsapp 0503310489  


C3 TILE CLEANER 5LTR. 4CAN/ CTN call shop location  


AC COAT EX 4004 20KG TOP COATING If ultra AC Coat EX 4004 30-36.`” is to be top coated with

Ultra Bond Premium Tile Adhesive-Tile Glue Manufacturers&Suppliers

ULTRA Premium Tile Glue Water Proof Tile Glue Suitable for Floor tiles and Wall tile Super strength bonding Available colour - White/Gray Quantity per Bag - 20 Kgs Factory price and Delivery available Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 Email:  


PVA BOND Ultra Bonds to most common construction material except PVC rubber and similar products Versatile Enhances adhesion Increases strength FIELDS OF APPLICATION Adhesive Ultra bond PVA bonds with almost all kinds of building materials except PVC, rubber and polyethylene. When added with suitable ller, it can be used for xing plasterboard, ceramic tiles, marbles etc. Bonding Agent Ultra bond PVA gives mortars, especially topping mortars enhanced bond strength. The wear resistance of screed treated with Ultra bond PVA is improved than that of a conventional sand and cement screed. The topping will be dust free, wear, water, oil and grease resistant Know more about this product and delivery options. Please contact us - 0503310489

Ultra Water Proof EX4010-Water proofing with fiber

Ultra Water Proof KEY BENEFITS Film thickness - Higher film thickness • provides resistance to the movements of • structures, gives crack bridging ability & waterproofing properties. Flexible and covers hairline cracks effectively, so that no ingress of water. Withstands wind-driven rain. Easily withstands stress caused by Ready to use. No dilution is required hence ensures the desired film thickness built-up without affecting the performance. • Resistance to fungus and algae hence maintains the aesthetic value. Resistance to UV (Sunlight). The coating will have a longer life. It has a low dirt pick up, can be cleaned easily, and hence maintains the aesthetics. Professional Water proof application service available all over UAE