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Cayman surface mounted LED Panel lights-High quality ceiling lights

Cayman surface mounted LED panel lights High brightness and Energy saving Available power -12 watts,18 watts and 24 watts Two year warranty Delivery through out UAE Know more/Order this product Wattsapp/Call - 0503310489 Email -

Chandeliers on low prices in Dubai-Large collection in latest models

Crystal chandelier light Decorative lighting Latest designs Wholesale supplier in UAE Inquiry/Order Contact Whatsapp/Call - 0503310489 email-    

Commercial lighting supply Dubai UAE-Panel lights and Down lights

LED Grille light fittings Suitable for Office lighting, Commercial places, Hotels, Schools and Homes. Adjustable light focusing LED light fitting Power 15 watts Know more /Order this product Call / Whatsapp - 050 3301 489    

Crystal Chandelier lights supply in Dubai-Decorative lighting products

Crystal Chandeliers Size - 60x180 cm Different  sizes available Beautiful crystal chandeliers All types of lighting products on wholesale prices Order this product/Learn more Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 Email -  

Floor Lights

MD BL1803R-2 Floor light/Garden ligjt Power 4*3 Watts  Wh/Ww Body size 42*83 mm

Garden Light

Garden stand light Fumagalli Durable body. Made in Italy 3 year warranty Call/Whatsapp – 0503310489  

Garden spike light

Garden spike lights LED COB 5 watts White/Warm white One year warranty Call/Whatsapp – 0503310489

K9 Crystal Chandelier light/Lighting supply Dubai

K9 Crystal Chandelier light/AJ 3310 Dia 600 mm Length - 1000 mm Clear crystal and Golden/Black Body Made - China Call/Whatsapp -0503310489 We sell all types of Decorative and Outdoor lights on wholesale prices. Contact us - Call/Whatsapp 0503310489

LED colour tube lights

LED T5 colour tubes sets 18 watts Good for ceiling and cabinets lighting  

LED Down light 30w Recessed fitting /6500K White

30 watts LED down light Made in China 1 year warranty LED lamp life of 50,000 Hrs Do not contain mercury and other harmful substances.  

LED Down light-Novex Down lights

Novex LED Panel Down Light Eye Protection Soft Light Model NDL-PLED-A25W Power 25 watts Colour - White / Warm white Service life up to 20000 Hrs Energy saving and environmental protection Super bright - Low carbon - Energy saving Inquiry/Order this product Whatsapp/Call - 0503310489

LED Flood light Dubai/50 watts/100 watts/200 watts

LED Flood light Dubai/50 watts/100 watts/200 watts Product category - Flood light Light source - LED Power options available - 50 watts/100 watts/150 watts/200 watts Voltage - AC 100-240V Beam angle - 120 Water proof - Yes (IP66) Light colour/White/Warm white Order this product/Inquiry:- Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 Cash on delivery available
  • LED Flood lights consume up to 90% less energy than the conventional halogen flood lights.
  • Great savings on your electricity bills
  • LED Flood lights are long lasting.On an average LED Flood lights last up to 20000 Hrs.
  • Wide beam angles for more area coverage.

LED flood lights-100 wats,150 watts,200 watts

LED Flood light 100 watts, 150 watts,200 watts Brand - Novex Light colour- Day light (6500K) For more details:- Call/Whatsapp - 971503310489

LED lights -Down lights,Spot lights – Buy on wholesale prices in UAE

LED lights-Down lights,Spot lights,Panel lights FSL down light series Available in 5 Watts - 10 Watts - 15 Watts - 20 Watts - 30 Watts - 40 Watts Light colour - White / Warm white Quality Guaranteed products from FSL 1 year Guarantee for all products. Contact us for bulk quantity prices. To order this product Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489  

LED panel light supply in Dubai. Guaranteed products at lowest prices

LED panel lights 60x60cm Ultra slim design Lamp body material - Aluminum Colour temperature - 300 K and 400 K 40 Watts, 60 watts,70 Watts,90 watts and 120 watts Wholesale and retail supply Know more/Order this product Whatsapp/Call - 050 3310 489  

LED Panel lights 60×60 cm-Ceiling panel lights on wholesale prices

LED Panel lights 60*60 cm-Ceiling panel lights Brand - MODI Surface colour - White Lumen flux - 90lm/w Colour temperatures - White(6500K), Warm white(4000k) 1 year warranty Lowest prices in UAE. Quantity discounts available. Inquiry /Order this product Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489  

LED Panel lights suppliers in Dubai-Quality products,low prices

LED Panel light Panel Size - 60x60 cm Power - 60 watts,70 watts 90 watts and 120 watts Available - in White and Warm white Fixing type- Recessed and Ceiling mounted Available on Wholesale prices WhatsApp /Call - 0503310489 Email - Homebuild supply all kind of LED lighting fixtures,such as panel lights,Down lights,Spot lights,Outdoor lights,Garden lights,Solar lights,Flood lights,Decorative lights,Pendent lights and Chandeliers. Panel lights available in 3 watts,6 watts,12 watts,18 watts,20 watts,24 watts and 30 watts Down lights available from - 5 watts,7 watts,10 watts,15 watts,20 watts,24 watts,30 watts and 40 watts Spot lights - 1 watts,3 watts,5 watts and 7 watts Solar flood lights - 50 watts,70 watts,100 watts,150 watts,200 watts,250 watts,300 watts and 400 watts Delivery through out UAE  

LED panel lights/Recessed and Surface fixing-Round and Square shapes

Thin recessed LED Panel light Ultra thin and high brightness Energy saving and Non flickering Long life span 25000 Hrs Beam angle 120 degree Non-Dimmble Available in 6 watts-9 watts-12 watts-15 watts 18 watts-24 watts ( WH/WW) Wholesale/retail supply Inquiry/order this produt Whatsapp/Call - 050 3310 489 Email-  

LED Pendent Light

AFN Pendent Light Chandler Light Made in china  

LED Spot light-MDCLQ23056 Series.Quality lights in UAE

LED Spot light-MDCLQ23056 Brand - Modi Input volatge - 220-240V Power - 5 watts, 8 Watts Available in White and Warm white Know more/Order this product Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 Wholesale prices for bulk quantity purchases  

LED Spot lights-Lighting suppliers in Dubai,Sharjah UAE

LED spot lights 5 watts and 7 Watts spot lights White and Warm white All brands available on wholesale prices Know more/Order this product Call/Whatsapp-0503310489

LED Surface light 30W-Novex eye protection soft light series

Surface fixing LED light 30 watts Brand - Novex Shape - Round Eye Protection Soft Light Service life up to 20000 Hrs U UAE's trusted brand Five years Guaranteed Order this product Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489

Lighting Dealers and wholesale suppliers in Dubai/LED Ceiling lights

LED Panel lights 60x60 cm,Spot lights,Down lights,Wall lights,Flood lights and more Ceiling lights - Surface mounted Available in different styles Surface fixed ceiling lights Decorative ceiling lights Inquiry /Order WhatsApp /Call - 0503310489 Email - 60*60 cm LED Panel light 60 Watts Novex Spot lights  Novex 30 Watts down lights NOVEX LED lights VMAX LED Panel lights MODI 60x60 cm LED Panel light MAX LED Panel lights ESNCO 60 Watts LED Panel lights ECOLINK Lighting WINTEX Lighting      

Lighting suppliers Dubai-Decorative chandelier lights

Decorative chandelier light Item Code - M360/Ajm Modern designs Polished metal finish 8 lamps chandelier Call/Whatsapp +971503310489

Lighting suppliers in Abu Dhabi-Ceiling lights/Outdoor lights

LED panel light Ceiling panels 60x60cm Recessed and surface mounted Down lights and Spot lights Outdoor lights and Strip lights Garden lights and Solar lights Inquiries /Orders WhatsApp /Call - 050 3310 489 what ever your lighting requirements,we can provide the best lighting solutions with range of quality LED lighting products in UAE. LED lighting has been used in a variety of retail applications, from light ropes to bulbs. They are there to illuminate and help save money. 60x60 cm Panel lights 30x120 cm Panel lights Down lights and Spot lights Recessed and Surface mounted lights Flood lights and Garden lights Solar flood lights and Solar street lights Boundary lights and Wall lights Chandeliers and Decorative lights Deliver through out UAE Installation service available in Dubai only

Lighting supply UAE-Home and commercial lights

Chandelier lights 3 lamps -Antique design Suitable for Bedrooms and Living rooms Call/Whatsapp - +971 50 3310 489 Wholesale supply and lowest prices.  

MODI LED Panel 60*60cm Surface mounting

MODI LED Panel light 60*60 cm Product category - LED Panel light Fixing type - Surface mount Brand - MODI Size - 60*60 cm Power - 60 Watts Working Volt - 220 - 240 V Light colour - White Warranty - 2 Years Have any questions? Please contact us. Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489

Novex 30 Watts down light /Recessed fixing

NDL- COB 30 W  WH/WW Novex 30 watts down light Recessed fitting. Two year warranty Trusted brand of UAE Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489

NOVEX 60×60 cm LED Panel light 60 watts white with 5 year warranty

Novex 60x60 cm LED panel lights are the best ceiling panel lights available in UAE.These super bright soft light LED panel lights are highly suitable for Office spaces,Commercial outlets,Super markets etc.. Product - LED slim panel light Size - 60x60 cm Colour temperature - 6500 K (White) Warranty - 5 years Delivery - available Installation - (In Dubai only) Order/more info Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489      

Novex high bay lights-Commercial lighting suppliers UAE

Novex Bay Lights are the best choice for commercial and industrial lighting requierments.Novex High Bay lights are available in 100 watts, 150 watts and 200 watts.Built with high grade LED chips,high bay lights are most suitable for warehouse, Garge,Storage spces and Industrial units. Power options available - 100 watts, 150 watts, 200 watts Colour temerature - 6500 K Warrenty - 2 Years To buy or more onfo: Please call or whatsapp us 050 3310 489 Delivery available all over UAE  

Novex LED Panel light 18 w-Eye friendly LED lights

Novex Brand 18 watts slim panel light Model - NDL- PLED 18w Shape - Round Eye Protection Soft Light Stylish slim panel light Order this products Long life LED chips Service life up to 20000 Hrs Slim design. UAE's trusted brand Five year Warranty Know more/Order this product Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489

Novex LED Panel light 60×60 cm

Novex 60x60 cm Panel lights are most suitable for Schools,Offices,Super markets and commercial spaces.High quality LED chip gives a life span of 50,000 Hours.Novex LED Panel lights are manufactured with backlit tecnology which eliminates black spots. NOVEX LED Panel light 60x60 cm Colour temparature - 6500 K Power - 96 Watts Fixing - Recessed ceiling fix Buy/more info: Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 , 050 1928 735  

Novex Lighting Supply Dubai UAE-NOVEX LED spot lights

NOVEX spot light -Eye protection soft light series High quality LED chips Service life of up to 20,000 Hrs Soft light shows optical beauty Energy saving and environmental protection Simple and slim style Buy on wholesale prices We supply whole Range of quality products from Novex Lighting Co.

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Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 

Chek out all NOVEX products NOVEX  Down lights NOVEX 60*60 cm LED Panel lights Novex Ceiling lights Novex LED Flood lights Novex down lights  

Novex SMD High Bay light 200 watts-No#1 in commercial lighting

Novex SMD High Bay light 200 watts

Novex high bay lights are a specific class of lighting fixtures intented to be mounted high up on the ceiling in order to provide vertical clearence for uninterrupted daily operations as well as to provide wide illumination capabilities.High bay lights have a lumen output and are intented for industrial and commercial use. Power options available - 100 watts, 150 watts, 200 watts Pour source - LED Colour temerature - 6500K Installation type - Ceiling To order this product/more info: Call/Whatsapp - 971 50 3310 489, 050 3310 489 We deal in all products of NOVEX brand.  

NOVEX Track lights-Day light/warm white in Black/White body

Novex is a premium quality lighting brand with a range of lighting products for residential and commericial application.All Novex lighting products are manufactured as per the heighest international standard. Product -  LED Track light Power - 30 Watts Brand - Novex Available in Day light and Warm light Body colour available in Black or White Warranty - 2 years Order this produt/more info: Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 , 050 1928 735  

Outdoor Garden lights-Boundary wall lights supply in Dubai

Outdoor Boundary Light UV Stabilized and durable body Made in Italy Know more/Order this product Whatsapp/Call - 0503310489

Outdoor Light / Garden Light-Whether proof durable body.

Elegant Outdoor Light HALF LANTERN Fumagalli ITALY Model - M22000FIR Whether proof material body. Know more/Order this product. Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 

Solar Garden spike light

Solar Garden spike LED light MD 1LO702R Light source 2w LED Working time - 6hr>< (Full charge) Material - PC Body size - 330*280*90mm Made in China