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EX320 Ultra Classic glue

CLASSIC EX 320 - THIN - SET ADHESIVE Application Designed specially for interior oor installations of all types of ceramic tiles, semi vitreous tile, precast terrazzo and small format natural stones over concrete and on a variety of cement based substrates. Certications IS

EX350 Ultra bond premium

The product contains cement powders which, when mixed with water, release alkalis that could be harmful to the skin. It is preferable that the application be done in a ventilated area, Protective clothing such as gloves and goggles should be worn when handling the product. Treat any splashes to the skin or eyes with fresh water immediately. Should any of the products be accidental swallowed, do not induce vomiting, but call for medical assistance immediately. Ensure that the container is available for medical attendant to examine any relevant instructions and content details.


Technical Specication: TECHNICAL DATA compliant with Ultra Bond EX 420 quality standard Appearance Powder Composition Cement, Siliceous sand & Additives Color Grey & White Density 1 ± 0.05 Mixing water for use a slurry key 5L/1 bag 20kg Open Time 25 minutes Adjustability 45 minutes Foot Trac 24 hours Interval Before Normal Use 14 days Voc <1 g/L ( USEPA 24) Grouting 24 hours Coverage 1 bag= 20kg/ 4.8m2 in 3mm thickness Shelf life 12 months of the original packing in dry environment  

KERABOND-Best quality tile adhesive from MEPAI

KERABOND ia a cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip for ceramic tiles.Suitable for fixing Ceramic,Porcelain or Mosaic tiles on Horizontal or Vertical surfaces.
  • Packaging - 25 Kg
  • Available colours - GRAY and WHITE
  • Internal and External applications
  • Perfect adhesion to all materials normally used in construction
  • Easily workable and Highly thixotropic
  • Hardens without  appreciable shrinkage
  • Over 8 hrs of pot life
  • Product ID-3028
To buy / Inquiry Call / Whatsapp - 0503310489 MAPEI Mapset tile Glue wholesale supplier  

MAPEI Mapset Tile Glue suppliers Dubai,Sharjah UAE

MAPEI Mapset is a high quality cement based adhesive for fixing of both floor tiles and wall tiles. MAPEI Mapset Tile Glue suppliers Dubai,Sharjah UAE Product - Tile Glue Brand - Mapei Colour - Gray Quantity per Bag - 20 Kg Order/Inquiry Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489

TACKMIX Tile Adhesive/The best tile glue available in UAE.

TACKMIX Tile Adhesive/The best tile glue available in UAE.
  • Superior bonding strength
  • Water proof tile adhesive
  • Ease of application
  • Long durability
  • Incomparable tensile strength
  • Designed and tested as per international stanrards
  • Available in Gray/White colours
  • Made in UAE
  • Product ID-3178
TACKMIX is a super bonding tile adhesive manufactured in UAE as per international standard.Manufacturing high quality construction adhesives and chemicals for the past many years.Due to TACKMIX tile adhesive quality and long life,TACKMIX tile glue is a favorite choice for contractors and export customers. To order/Inquiry Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489   MAPEI Mapset Tile Glue Ultra Bond Tile Glue Bustan Tile adhesive WEBER Colfix    

Tile Adhesives stockists and wholesales in Dubai UAE

Tile Adhesives wholesale dealers and suppliers in UAE Available brands MAPEI LATICRETE ULTRABOND RAK TILE FIX CONMIX WEBER COLFIX TACMIX BUSTAN TILE GLUE Inquiry - Call/Whatsapp 0503310489  

Ultra Bond Premium Tile Adhesive-Tile Glue Manufacturers&Suppliers

ULTRA Premium Tile Glue Water Proof Tile Glue Suitable for Floor tiles and Wall tile Super strength bonding Available colour - White/Gray Quantity per Bag - 20 Kgs Factory price and Delivery available Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 Email:  

Ultra Tile Grout-Premium quality tile grout.

ULTRA TILE GROUTING Easy & Ready to Mix Highly fast & Economical • Heavy-duty Applicant Interior & exterior multipurpose tile adhesive • Increases adhesion & bond strength High durability & Stain protection • Non-shrinking & cracking High acid & chemical resistance Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial • Excellent water & weather resistant Color uniformity • Multi-color shades • Smooth & Glossy finish Available in 10 Kg bags   FOR INQUIRY Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489