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EX350 Ultra bond premium

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Ultra Classic glue 320

15477-TYPE -1
Performance properties
Ultra BOND Classic adhesive mixed with water The Adhesive mortar confirms to IS 15477 standard
Available Pack sizes
20 kg, Colour LightGreyCoverage
1 bag=20 kg approximately 40 Sqft in 3mm thickness
Coverage will vary depending on trowel notch size,
type and size of tile and substrate smoothness and evenness
Substrates Concrete
Concrete masonry
Cement mortar beds
Cement plaster
Existing vitried tile* & ceramic tile* Brick masonry
Cement terrazzo
Existing natural stone*
*Surface to be cleaned and roughened before installation
of tile or stone
Shelf Life
12 months from the date of original packing in dry environment Storage
Keep in a cool dry place

Working properties at 70 F (21 C)
Ultra BOND Classic EX 320 adhesive mixed with water
Areas of ADesigned for internal oor applications Suitable Substrates
Cement Mortar Beds Cement Plaster Brick Masonry Cement Terrazzo
Instruction for use:

Polymer based thin-set adhesive for xing ceramic tiles and small format stones on internal oor
Features / Benefits
Single component, just add water
Interior applications, polymer based
Economical & easy to use
Bonds to various substrates
Exceeds IS 15477- Type 1 Adhesive standards

Ultra Classic glue 320
Can be fortied with Ultra BOND classic for internal tile installations

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