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Bathroom and Sanitary ware wholesale dealers in Dubai/Sharjah

Buy direct from sanitary ware and bathroom supply manufacturers at the lowest prices.Water closets,Bidets,Wash Basins,Squat pans,Vanity,Showers, bathtubs and more. Best quality bathroom accessories at great wholesale prices BATHROOM VANITY COUNTERS To buy/more info:- Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 Email:-  

Bathtub – Rowena/Acrylic rectangular bathtub

Model - ROWENA premium bath tub Material - Acrylic 140 cm x 170 cm Made in UAE Order/More info:- Call/Whatspp - 0503310489

Bathtub Manufacturers UAE- Rectangular and Oval shape bathtubs

Rectangular and Oval Bathtubs Product category - Bathtub Brand - Sanitech Model - Queen Shape - Rectangular Material - Acrylic Colour - White/Beige Size Available - 170x70 cm More info - Call/Whatapp - 0503310489

Bathtub Shower Glass 70×140 cm/Shower glass screen

Bathtub shower screens are great way to keep your bathroom splash free while you shower. Bathtub Shower Glass 70x140 cm/Shower glass screen Size - 140x70 cm Glass thickness - 6 mm Glass - Tempered glass Supply and installation order/more info: Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489
  • Custom sizes and designs available
  • Installation service

Bathtub supply Dubai/Freestanding and Built-in tubs.Sanitary ware

Bathtub supply and installation Bathroom supplies-Acrylic bath tub Model - Opera /Bathaieh Size - 170x80x42 cm 182x90x46 cm Order/Know more- Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 Wholesale prices Our bathtubs are manufactured in UAE as per the international standards with high quality materials. Bathtub installation available (in Dubai/Sharjah only) Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489  

Buy your bathtubs online in Dubai/Bathware and more

The choice of a bathtub for your bathroom will really depend on the overall design of your bathroom.Most designs will adapt with a rectangular or Oval shaped bathtub. Product - Bathtub Material - Acrylic Model - Jewel Shape - Rectangular Sizes available -200 x 100 cm - 190 x 100 cm 170 x 100 cm - 190 x 90 cm (Height 44.5 cm) Country of origin - UAE Order/More info:- Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489

Dana-Oval shape bathtub/Built in acrylic tub in white colour

Dana-Oval shape acrylic bathtub Product - Bathtub Type - Built-in tub Material - Acrylic Colour - White Size available :- Length 160  cm x Width 70.5 cm x Height 49 cm Length 170  cm x Width 70.5 cm x Height 49 cm Center drain outlet (80 cm) Order/More info:- Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 Email:-  

Diana-Inbuilt bathtub Dubai/Acrylic rectangular shape


Diana-Inbuilt bathtub

Acrylic rectangular shape

Product - Bathtub Type - Inbuilt Model - Diana Material - Acrylic Colour - White Size available :- 160 cm (L) x 70 cm (W) x 39.5 cm (H) 180 cm (L) x 80 cm (W) x 39.5 cm (H) Know more /Order this product WhatsApp /Call - 0503310489 Email -

Dubai Cheap price Acrylic bathtubs 170×70 cm/drop-in installation

Dubai Cheap price Acrylic bathtubs 170x70 cm/drop-in installation Product - Bathtub Material - Acrylic Product ID-3119 Shape - Rectangular/Oval Sizes available - 180 x 80 x 40 cm 170 x 80 x 40 cm 170 x 70 x 40 cm 160 x 70 x 40 cm 150 x 70 x 40 cm 140 x 70 x 40 cm 120 x 70 x 40 cm Inquiry/Order Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489    

Free stand Bathtub/Occasion/Acrylic tub

Free stand Bathtub Model - Occasion Material - Acrylic Sizes available:- 160 x 70 x 40 cm 16 x 80 x 40 cm 170 x 80 x 40 cm 180 x 80 x 40 cm 190 x 90 x 40 cm Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 Email - High quality Acrylic bath tub made of high quality materials. Made in UAE

Generic sanitary ware and bath fittings-Water closets/wash basins

Premium quality bath fittings and accessories.
  • WC and wash basins
  • Bidets
  • Basin mixers
  • Sink mixers
  • Bidet sprays
  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Shower trays
  • Shower enclosures
  • Soap dispensors
  • Towel Bar
  • Vanities
  • Counter basins
Wholesale prices for quantity purchase Call/Whatsapp - 971 (50) 3310489  

Majestic Freestanding Bathtub-White acrylic bathtub

Majestic Freestanding Bathtub Product category - Bathtub Brand - AB Model - Majestic Type - Freestanding Material  - Acrylic Size - 180 (L) x 80 (W) x 40 (H) cm Order /More info Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 Email -
  • Stand-alone tubs are eye-catching way to enhance the style of your bathroom.They offer a range of design elements,materials and style.

Orient-Acrylic Bathtub from RAK Ceramics

ORIENT- ACRYLIC BATHTUB Product category - Bathtub Type - Drop-in Material - Acrylic Brand - RAK Size available - 745 x 1700 mm Colour - Alpine white Order/Inquiry Call /Whatsapp 0503310489

RAK Bathtubs-Metropolitan Drop-in Acrylic Bathtub

RAK-Metropolitan Drop-in Bathtub Product category - Bathtub Type - Drop-in Material - Acrylic Brand - RAK Sizes available - 170x70 cm/180x80 cm Colour - Alpine white/ Ivory Order/Inquiry Call /Whatsapp 0503310489 Check more of our range of bathtubs

RAK-AMANDA Acrylic bathtub from ARK Ceramics for inset installation

RAK-AMANDA Acrylic bathtub from ARK Ceramics for inset installation RAK-AMANDA drop-in bathtubs are ideal for any kind of bathroom decor with high end finish and functionality. Product - Bathtub Brand - RAK Material - Acrylic Size - 169 x 70 cm Weight - 16 Kg Colour - White/Ivory To Order/More info-: Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489  

RAK-METROPOLITAN Acrylic bathtub 180×80 cm In-built bathtub

RAK-METROPOLITAN Acrylic bathtub 180x80 cm Product category - Bathtub Brand - RAK Ceramics Model - Metropolitan Product ID-3042 Size - 180x80 cm Colour - Alpine white/Ivory Weight - 14 Kg Installation type - Drop-in Order/Inquiry Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 RAK-ORIENT Drop-in bathtub Acrylic Bathtub

RAK-RAMS Bathtub/Oval shaped acrylic drop-in bathtub 168 cm x 70 cm

RAK-RAMS drop-in bathtub RAK -RAMS drop-in acrylic bathtubs are great for any bathroom.This oval shapes inset bathtubs are available both in Alpine white and Ivory colours. Made of high quality virgin acrylic material. Product - Bathtub Brand - RAK Size - 168 x 70 cm Shape - Oval Colours available - Alpine white/Ivory Installation type - Drop-in Delivery - Available in UAE To Order/More info-: Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489

Sanitary ware manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in Dubai

Sanitary ware manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in Dubai/Sharjah

Dress up your bathrooms with our new range of economy bathroom fitting collections.premium quality vitreous china sanitary ware collections.Our economy range of water closets and Wash basins are stylish and budget friendly.Floor mount and wall hung water closets,Pedestal and wall hung wash basins and Ceramic bathroom accessories in oval,square and elongated designs in multi colour options. Category - Sanitary ware Products - WC/ Wash Basin/ Vanities/ Bathroom accessories Coulour - Multi colour Material - Vitreous china Fore more details:- Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 Email:-        

Sanitary ware supply-Water closets,Bidets,Basins,Bathtubs

Buy quality sanitary ware and bathroom accessories from homebuild. The leading bathroom suppliers in UAE. Water closets - Floor fixing,Wall hung (S trap and P trap), Kids toilets Wash Basins - Pedestal basins. Wall hung basins, Counter basins, Art basins Bathtubs - Drop-in bathtubs, Free standing bathtubs Urinals, Urinal flushing systems, Concealed flush tanks and push plats All types of bathroom accessories Shower enclosures, Shower Glass  partitions, Shower trays Floor drains - Lenear  shower drains Faucets , Sink Mixers, Angle valves Water heater - Ariston water heaters, Bradfor white, Atalantic Fore more information, please contact us. Call or whatsapp - 971 50 3310489 -  050 3310489 Email:-

Sanitary ware wholesale suppliers in Dubai/Dubang bathroom fittings

Sanitary ware wholesale suppliers in Dubai/Dubang bathroom fittings Buy a whole range of bathroom fittings and accessories on wholesale prices  in Dubai,UAE China made sanitary ware products Indian made sanitary ware products RAK Ceramics bathroom fittings Product ID-3054 Contact us for product details and prices Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 WC/Toilets (S-Trap), P (Trap),Floor standing WC,Wall Hung WC Wash Basins - Pedestal Basins,Half pedestal,Up-Counter basins,Under counter basins Bidets Bathtubs - Drop-in bathtubs, Free standing bathtubs Bathroom Accessories Showers,Shut-Off,Floor drains and more Wholesale dealers of sanitary ware and bathroom fittings. Quality bathroom supplies at wholesale prices. To buy or more info please call/whatsapp - 971 50 3310 489 Email us:-  

Shower tray suppliers UAE/Acrylic shower Tray 150×70 cm-Tubs and Trays

Find your shower tray from our collection of rectangular ans square shower tray collection.Range of sizes and shapes to choose from.
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Virgin acrylic material
  • Bright white colour
  • Anti-slip design
  • Robust and durable
  • Sizes available - 150 x 70 cm , 150 x 60 cm
To order / More info - Call / Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 Email:
  • Delivery available across UAE
  • Installation available (Dubai only)
  • Shower glass partitions available

Ultra Inbuilt Bathtub/Acrylic 170×70 cm/White

Ultra Inbuilt Bath Tub

Acrylic Bath Tub

Model - AB- Ultra Size -170x70x36 cm Material - Acrylic Shape - Rectangular Type of fixing - Inbuilt Made in UAE

Urinal Bowl from RAK Ceramics-RAK-JAZIRA

RAK-VENICE is a high-end finish urinal from RAK Ceramics. Product - Urinal Bowl Brand - RAK Ceramics Model - VENICE Dimensions - 355 x 330 mm Weight - 10 Kg Colour - Alpine white/Ivory Fixing type - Wall mount Product ID-3039 Order this product/Inquiry Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489   RAK-VENICE Urinal Bowl and Partition