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Composite decorative wall panels/WPC fluted wall panel sheets

Composite wall panels (wpc) are made to withstand the elements. WPC wall panels are commonly used to decorate internal walls.These wood effect wall covering panels gives an elegant touch of natural wood for your interior design. WPC wall panels can be used to cover external walls also.Composite material is whether resistant and durable. Wood-plastic composite wall panels are an increasingly popular way to decorate buildings. As an excellent alternative to traditional wood wall panels, composite wall panels not only have the advantages of wood wall panels but also many benefits of WPC wall panel. It is an attractive and cost-effective way to decorate. If you are well-informed and have refreshed your knowledge of wood wall panels, you may also be aware of other composite products such as WPC ceilings, PVC wall panels, ceilings, etc. Although some are not specialized products, they can also be used for wall cladding. For example, it’s a WPC timber tube or a PVC timber tube for a wall panel partition. Material - WPC Use - Indoor wall paneling Surface - Coating Panel size - 3600 x 159 x 26 mm Sale unit - Per piece To buy/more info:- Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 Email:- sales@homebuild.store  

Decking materials manufacturers and suppliers in UAE

We would like to help you to build a beautiful outdoor living space If you want to check the colours or the quality of our product, we can send you free samples If you want to know how much your decking might cost, we can provide you with a free quote If you have any other questions about buying our product or our decking installation service, don't hesitate to contact us.

Decking materials manufacturers and suppliers UAE

WPC Decking materials suppliers in Dubai/Sharjah

Category - Decking Material Product - WPC (Wood plastic composite material) Size - 290 cm x 14 cm x 2.4 cm Type - Solid / Hollow planks All accessories available Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489  sales@homebuild.store  

RAK-Liwa WC seat cover/RAK Bathroom accessories/Toilet seat covers

Buy original RAK Toilet seat covers from homebuild store Model - Liwa Type - Soft closing Colour - White Buy/Inquiry : Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489  

WPC Decking (Wood Plastic Composite)products suppliers,Dubai

WPC products wholesale suppliers Dubai UAE WPC Decking materials WPC Fencing materials WPC wall cladding panels Solid planks & Hollow planks Available in many colours and finishes Installation (Fixing) service available Call/Whatsapp 0503310489 Email - sales@homebuild.store Click here to check our Decking collections "click-here-logo"

Advantages of WPC Decking and Flooring

  • WPC (Wood plastic composite) gives a uniqueness for your flooring.
  • WPC decks and flooring provide a natural finish
  • Anti-Slippery - WPC is a safe choice for both outdoor and indoor flooring.
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to maintain- Just regular cleaning can keep your WPC decking for many years.
  • Almost all hard wood shades are available to suite your choice.
  • Environment friendly
Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 sales@homebuild.store Click to check our wpc decking collections  

WPC Decking and Fencing materials-Wholesale suppliers in Dubai

WPC Decking and Fencing materials Wholesale suppliers in Dubai/Sharjah Installation service available all over UAE Hollow WPC decking Solid WPC Decking Ready stocks available Contact us for prices Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 sales@homebuild.store

WPC Doors and Windows – Fire proof and Water proof

WPC DOOR (Wood Plastic Composite) Model - D 004 Brand - Dubang
  • Fire proof
  • Water proof
  • Insect proof
  • Crack proof
  • Deformation proof
  • Noise proof
Contact us for more details Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 Email: sales@homebuild.store

WPC wall cladding panel for interior/exterior wall cladding

There are many wall cladding products in the market today with plenty of choices in material,colour,design and durability. WPC is widely used as a wall cladding material as a green product and its durability. WPC is composite product made with a mix of plastic and wood. Since wpc is whether resistant, it can be used in both interior and exterior wall cladding. product - Wall cladding panel Material - WPC (Wood plastic composite) Use - wall paneling interior/Exterior walls Size - L 290 cm x W 21.5 cm Whether resistant - Yes Warranty - 10 years To buy or more details:- Call/Whatsapp - 0503310489 Email:- sales@homebuild.store