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Bitumen Rubberized – RBE-5. 200kg. Barrel drum.

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Ultra BITUMEN emulsion 15kg Bucket


‘-Easy to apply
-Economical in use
-Cold Applied
-Excellent water and moisture proof properties

Adhere to all types of surfaces
-Water Based
-Vapor permeable allows substrate to breath


-Resistant to UV rays: no erosion or cracking

-Contains no solvent, no health hazard

-Non-toxic when cured
or membranes


Ultra Bitumen coat 15kg Bucket

Cold applied bitumen Emulsion

ULTRA COAT is water based sulfate resistant bitumen emulsion coating of brushing consistency which dries to give a rm, flexible, joint less waterproof and protective membrane. It is formed by the anionic emulsification of pliable bitumen and is both stable and easy to apply.
Ultra bitumen acts as general waterproof, damp-proof membrane and vapor seal for concrete, masonry, asbestos cement sheets, and roofing felts, wood. It also ensures protection of steelwork, pipes and metal.

Ultra Bitumen coat 15kg Bucket Fields of application:
-As a general purpose damp proof coating for concrete
-waterproof and protective coating for basements, foundations and retaining walls.
-vapor barrier for both above and below ground applications.
-maintenance coating for roofs and walls over concrete or metal surfaces

-bonding and priming coat for a variety of bitumen-based waterproofing systems, weather coat, felts or membranes.

 Instruction for use:
All surfaces to be coated should be sound and thoroughly clean before Ultra Coat is applied, remove all dust, dirt, rust, oil, grease and any loose particle, which may affect the adhesion of the coating with the substrate.

Application can be done with roller, brush, airless spray. mix the content of the drum or pail thoroughly before applicant.
Apply Ultra Coat on the substrate at the thickness of 125 microns. Further Coasts shall be applied only after the previous coat is completely cured.
A prime coat is recommended before the application of the rst coat is completely cured.

The prime coat can be made by diluting the same Ultra Coat Bitumen Emulsion with 20% water.

Product Application:
ULTRACOAT may be applied by brush, roller, on horizontal surfaces. Ensure the contents of the containers are well mixed before application. It is recommended that two or more coats must be applied to ensure a durable finish. The first coat is to be applied as a priming coat Allow 3 hours for drying, and then apply a second coat on the prepared surface.

Ultra bitumen coat

UltraCoat Bitumen Emulsion gives a 4.6 square Meter per kg with dry lm thickness of 125 microns



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