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Terrazzo steps and tiles manufacturers/suppliers Dubai and Abu Dhabi

TERAZZO Mosaic Steps and Riser Stairway steps and risers For buildings and Villas Tread and riser and  Tread with riser Skirting for treads Skirting for Flooring and landing Inquire/Order this product Whatsapp/Call - 050 3310 489
  • Real terrazzo is made from a mix of chips, such as marble and glass chips, that are held together with a composite. It’s generally much thicker, around 20mm, to prevent it from cracking.
  • Terrazzo steps and Tiles can withstand the test of time.It's is the main reason for builders use Terrazzo tiles and steps on the high traffic areas of building and public places.
We supply terrazzo floor tiles,Roof tiles and Terrazzo steps with risers across UAE Marble steps and Risers

Terrazzo tiles – Terrazzo floor tiles and roof tiles

Leading Terrazzo floor tiles and roof tiles manufacturers and suppliers in UAE. Tile sizes available
  • 300x300x28 mm
  • 250x250x20 mm
  • 400x400x28 mm
  • Terrazzo steps and Risers
  • Terrazzo skirting tiles
  • Terrazzo Garden Benches
Order /More info for this product Whatsapp /Call  - 050 3310 489 Email - sales@homebuild.store

Terrazzo Tiles/Mosaic Tiles for flooring and Roofing

TERAZZO Mosaic tiles Mosaic tiles for roof flooring Suitable for common areas and Pavements flooring Size available 250x250x25 mm 300x300x30 mm 400x400x40 mm Made in UAE Inquire/Order this product Whatsapp/Call - 050 3310 489 The most common use of terrazzo is in flooring and staircases.Staircases can be cast with poured concrete with terrazzo chips.