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Water heater leak repairs

Leaking water heater? No hot water? Dubai plumbing service provides emergency water heater repairs and installation all over Dubai.Supply and installation of Ariston,Bradford White,Atlantic,Zenith,Milano water heaters with 5 years warranty.

Dubai plumbing service is one of the top home care companies offers plumbing repairs and installations,AC maintenance and emergency repairs,Electrical repairs and House painting service in Dubai.

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Replacing Water Heater-Know when you need to replace your water heater

Residential Water heaters

Water Heater replacement service in Dubai- 0503310489

On an average most of the good brands water heaters last anywhere between 5 to 7 years.

Here are the normal signs to know that you need a new water heater replacement.

  • Water leaking from the tank
  • Colour change of water coming from the water tank due to rusting
  • Strange noses like loud gurgling sound coming from the water heater tank
  • Water is not heating/No hot water

If you are a Dubai resident and having a problem with your water heater,you can contact Homebuild,the water heater supply and installation company in Dubai.Our emergency plumbers can do all repairs or installation of new water heater at a very reasonable price.

Homebuild supply and install all major brands used in Dubai residence.

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Residential water heater available in 80 Litter, 100 Litter, 150 Litter, 200 Litter tank capacity.


Repairs and Installation of residential Water Heaters near Al Barsha Dubai

Residential Water heater service in Dubai.Contact 0503310489

A leaking water heater is one the most messy and inconvenience at your Villa or apartment.As steady flow of hot water is a must for any homes.Leaking water heaters can be dangerous and damaging your ceilings and floors.

If leak is from the plumbing connection of the hot water tank a good plumbers can replace the leaking parts. How ever the water leak is from the bottom side of the tank means the tank itself is damaged.If the tank is damaged and leaking there is no other option other than replace your hot water tank with a new one.

If you notice a water leak from your water tank,its better to call a professional plumber to check it.Since it is connected with high voltage electricity ,its not advisable not to try DIY.

In Dubai Homebuild is a leading company providing repair service and installation of water heaters for residences including Villas and Apartments.We supply and install major brands water heaters with a minimum warranty of five years.

Homebuild supply top brands of water heaters. All our water heaters comes with a warranty of 5 Years.


Bradford White (USA)

Atalntic (USA)

Zenith (UAE)

MILANO (Italay)

Delivery available.

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