Replacing Water Heater-Know when you need to replace your water heater

Residential Water heaters

Water Heater replacement service in Dubai- 0503310489

On an average most of the good brands water heaters last anywhere between 5 to 7 years.

Here are the normal signs to know that you need a new water heater replacement.

  • Water leaking from the tank
  • Colour change of water coming from the water tank due to rusting
  • Strange noses like loud gurgling sound coming from the water heater tank
  • Water is not heating/No hot water

If you are a Dubai resident and having a problem with your water heater,you can contact Homebuild,the water heater supply and installation company in Dubai.Our emergency plumbers can do all repairs or installation of new water heater at a very reasonable price.

Homebuild supply and install all major brands used in Dubai residence.

Contact us for a free quote and booking

Call/Whatsapp – 050331048 Email: sales@homebuild.store

Residential water heater available in 80 Litter, 100 Litter, 150 Litter, 200 Litter tank capacity.

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