Glass shower enclosures/Shower cubicles

Shower glass enclosures and Shower glass screens manufacurers and Suppliers in Dubai

We manufacure,supply and install a wide range of shower enclosures,Bathtub glass screens in different sizes.We use high grade tempered glass and anti-rest stainless steel accessories for all our products.

  • Custom sizes and finishes
  • Tempered glass for safty
  • High quality accessories
  • Shower screens
  • Bathtub glass screens
  • Shower enclosures
  • Shower glass partitions
  • Bathtubs
  • Shower trays
  • Mirrors


Tile fixing rates in Dubai

Installation charges for floor tiles and wall tiles

Tile fixing contractors charge around Dhs.50 to 60 to install a sq mtr of floor tiles in Dubai.This rates includes the tile adhesives for fixing the tiles.If floor preparations required,this rates can go up to Dhs.100 per sq.mtr of tile installation.

Homebuild is one of the leading ceramic tile fixing contractors in Dubai and Sharjah emirates with hundreds of satisfied residential and commercial customers.

Our Dubai tile installation service include installation of floor tiles for Villas,Apartments,Offices and industrial units.

Tile fixing service in Dubai/Sharjah.Tiling service 0503310489


Tile installation contractors in Dubai/Sharjah for residential and commercial flooring.

If you are considering to replace the old tile flooring of your house in Dubai,our expert tiling professionals can help you to install the best tile flooring.We are one of the leading tile fixing contractors fixing floor tiles and wall tiles in Dubai and near by areas.

Our tile fixing service is available both new flooring and removal of old tiles and fixing new tiles.If you are considering to rennovate your bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles,we can remove the existing floor tiles and wall tiles and fix new floor tiles and wall tiles including installation of all bathroom fittings and accessories.

We also supply floor tiles and wall tiles in hundreds of designs and finishes.We do full remodeling of bathrooms,shower installation,bathtub replacements and ceiling installation.

Please contact us for your tile fixing requirements at very reaonable rates in Dubai/Sharjah and Ajman emirates.

What is the cost of solar water heater installation in Dubai UAE.

Solar water heater prices in UAE

A solar water water heater can save up to 75% on energy bills for heating water for homes.Dubai’s all year sunny weather is most suitable for solar water heaters.

The cost of installing a solar water heater in Dubai depends on the tank capacity of the solar water heater you may require.Most commonly used solar water heater types are 200 litters and 300 litters, depending on the hot water requirement.

A 200 litter Ariston brand solar water heater with installation can cost around AED.7500 in Dubai.There are a number of solar water heater brands are available in UAE market.

Some of the leading solar water brands available in UAE are Ariston,Zenith and Soul water heaters.The Italian brand Ariston solar water heaters are the most commonly used water heater brand in UAE.

Homebuild supply and install Ariston water heaters in UAE for residential and Commercial properties.If you are considering to install a solar water heater,please contact us for a site visit and free quote.

Contact us – Call/Whatsaoo – 050 3310 489 , 050 1928 735 sales@homebuild.store


Jumeira Park water heater repairs and replacement service/Ariston water heaters

Water heater and water pump repair service in Jumeira Park community

Get fast and proffessional Jumeira Park water heater repairs and replacement services by Dubai Maintenance.Our expert plumbers are available 24/7 for all types of emergency repair services in Jumeira Park community in Dubai.

Our Jumeira plumber offers all types of plumbing and Electrical services for residences in Jumeira Park community in Dubai.

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#Water pump repairs and new installation

#Drain pump repairs and installation

#Shower glass enclosure installation

#Bathroom plumbing repairs

#Drain line unblocking and cleaning service

#Water leaks repairs

#Electrical repairs

#AC repairs

#Inter-lock brick and tiles installation

#Bathtub supply and installation

All types of property maintenance and installations in Jumeira Park Dubai

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Mosaic Pool tiles-Swimming pool tiles suppliers Dubai/Sharjah

Ceramic swimming Pool tiles suppliers 050 3310 489

Fimding the right Mosaic pool tiles is not an easy task for he owners and pool contractors. Homebuild store supply a wide range of swimming pool tiles and Mosaic tiles in Ceramic and Glass.


Plumbers near Dubai Land/Plumbing repairs in The Villa community

Relaible plumbing service in The Villa Community,Dubai Land

When you have an emergency plumbing situation,its not an easy task to find a relaible plumbing company to come and fix the problem before the it causes more dameges to your property.

Our plumbing service in Dubai Land offers the best plumbing solutions for indoor and outdoor plumbing.Emergency plumbing for repairs available for water leaks,Broken water pumps and Toilet repairs

Our Dubai Land plumbing service is available in all areas of Dubai Land.The Villa community,Falcon City,Arabian Ranches,Skycourt,Silicon Oasis and nearby areas.


Arabian Ranches Plumbing service /Plumber service for Villas

Our Arabian Ranches plumbing service is exclusively for Arabian Ranches Villa communities in Dubai.Arabain Ranches plumbers have many years plumbinf repair experience in Arabian Ranches community. Our plumbing service offers a quick service which can avoid more damages for your property and save mony for you.

Water leaks are the most common type of water heater issue every house owner faces.Any water heater will start to leak eventually.Normally a good water heater will last 5 to 7 years before it starts leaking due to corroding.Normally a leaking water heater can not be repaired due to the safety reasons.In this situation,you need to replace your Hot water tank.

Another common water heater issue is your tank is full but not heating the water.This could be an issue with the heating element of the water heater.Heating elements can be replaced by a technician.

Its always better to install a good brand water heater with long warranty and safety features. ARISTON is the most common brand electric water heaters used in UAE.This Italian brand known for its durability and safety features.

Ariston water heaters are available in 50 Litters,80 Litters,100 Litters,150 Litters and 200 Litters.Both Vertical models and Horizontal models are available.These water heaters are coming with 5 year warranty from the manufacturer.

For all types of plumbing repairs and installation in Arabian Ranches Villa communities in Dubai.Quick and professional plumbing service.Guaranteed parts and work.

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#Inter-lock bricks fixng service

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Arabian Ranches plumbers/Plumbing repairs in Arabian Ranches Dubai.

Plumbing service in Arabian Ranches community


Arabian Ranches plumbers- Arabian Ranches is the biggest Gated villa community in Dubai UAE. Arabian Ranches is one of the most sought after residential community in Dubai.

There are many property maintenance companies offering home repair services in Arabian Ranches.But very few are reliable and professional service providers.Dubai Maintenance is one of the top property maintenance service provider in Arabian Ranches providing professional repair and maintenance service for for the past many years.

Dubai Maintenance is a professional home care company run by a team of well experienced tradesmen.Our Arabian Ranches services include

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#Water heater repair and installation in Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai

#Water pump repairs and replacements in Arabian Ranches

#Decking,Carpentry service in Dubai

#Floor and wall tile fixing in Arabian Ranches Dubai

#Villa painting service

#Roofing and more

Our AC maintenance annual contracts in Arabian Ranches starts as low as AED.1000.

Contact us today 0503310489, 0501928735

sales@homebuild.store www.dubai-maintenance.com

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