What can be the problem when my AC is not cooling

If your Air Conditioning unit stop working,It is a huge problem especially if you are living in Dubai.Its unimaginable to live in Dubai without a proper working Air Conditioning at your home or Work place.

Several factors can cause your AC system to stop running.Most of the times your AC unit require minor AC repairs by a qualified technician.Here are the most common causes of an AC units stop working.

Dirty condenser coils

Most house owners neglect the condenser units which are fixed out your house.Due to the exposure of the elements,over time the condenser coils can accumulate dust and dirt on them.This could be very well be the cause of the AC not cooling.AC condenser units require periodical cleaning at least once in every 3 months.A clean condenser is a vital part of your cooling unit.

Insufficient air flow

In order to get sufficient air flow from your AC units,you should always make sure that the AC filters are clean.At least once in every 3 months all AC filters should be removed and cleaned properly to let the air flow without any obstruction.Also all the air ducts and vents should be checked properly for any obstructions.

Low level of refrigerant

Maintaining the correct level of refrigerant in your AC system is crucial for the proper cooling performance for the AC unit.When refrigerant is low in your AC system,your AC can not produce sufficient cool air.You can contact a professional AC technician to check the refrigerant and fill it to the required level.

Thermostat issues

Another common issue with the AC is a faulty thermostat.A professional AC repair technician can check the functioning of the thermostat and replace it with new one.

Electrical problems

If your AC is not running at all,first of all you can check your electrical fuse board.If there are any breaker is down on off position,that is an indication that your AC unit have an electrical problem.Try to put it back in on position,if the breaker trips again,don’t try again.Call a professional AC technician immediately.

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