Made in china sanitary ware and Bath fittings wholesale Dealers in Dubai and Sharjah UAE

Bathroom suppliers – Sanitary ware wholesale dealers

Dubai is one of the largest market for made in China Sanitary ware products and Bathroom fittings in the Middle East region.A number of chines companies have set up their wholesale shops in Dubai and Sharjah Emirates of UAE Most of them are based in Sharjah emirate.

Over the years,many Chinese sanitary ware brands gained popularity with their product quality and better pricing.Also Dubai is major hub for reexport of chines sanitary ware and Bath fittings to all of Meena region and Africa.

AREEJ SANITARY WARE is one of the leading Chinese sanitary ware and Bathroom fittings brand in UAE.They are based in Sharjah.They operate a Showroom for retail customers and another Ware house office for export customers.They sell a range of Bathroom fittings such as WC,Wash Basins,Bidets,Bathtubs,Shower Trays,Ceiling materials,Showers,Basin Mixers,Kitchen sink mixers and more

DUBANG BATHROOMS is another leading Chinese sanitary ware brand having a strong presents in UAE market with their Dubang branded sanitary ware products.

Contact for Wholesale purchase 971 50 3310489 Call/Whatsapp Email: sales@homebuild.store

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