What is the cost of solar water heater installation in Dubai UAE.

Solar water heater prices in UAE

A solar water water heater can save up to 75% on energy bills for heating water for homes.Dubai’s all year sunny weather is most suitable for solar water heaters.

The cost of installing a solar water heater in Dubai depends on the tank capacity of the solar water heater you may require.Most commonly used solar water heater types are 200 litters and 300 litters, depending on the hot water requirement.

A 200 litter Ariston brand solar water heater with installation can cost around AED.7500 in Dubai.There are a number of solar water heater brands are available in UAE market.

Some of the leading solar water brands available in UAE are Ariston,Zenith and Soul water heaters.The Italian brand Ariston solar water heaters are the most commonly used water heater brand in UAE.

Homebuild supply and install Ariston water heaters in UAE for residential and Commercial properties.If you are considering to install a solar water heater,please contact us for a site visit and free quote.

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